Southern Smoke Foundation + Bristol-Joseph Scholarship Fund

Award-winning chef and founder of the Bristol-Joseph Scholarship Foundation, Tavel Bristol-Joseph, and Southern Smoke Foundation have partnered to launch the Bristol-Joseph Scholarship Fund. The Fund offers culinary scholarships to ACC students and includes financial support, guidance, and mentorship.

“The greatest accomplishment that I feel like I achieved is being able to help students who are looking for guidance, a little bit of advice, mentorship, all of the things I wish I had in culinary school. I’m very happy and very proud to be able to offer that,” says Bristol-Joseph. “I am ready to take these students and move forward in the best way we can to change our community and our industry for the better.”

“We are honored and humbled to partner with Tavel. He understands the mission of ACC and our goal to make college available to everyone,” says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC chancellor. “Together, we’re eliminating barriers and transforming the higher education landscape. Through Foundations and support like his, we can not only help a student pay for college but also prepare them for those next steps after they graduate.”

Bristol-Joseph is co-owner of six restaurants in Central Texas, including Austin’s critically acclaimed Emmer & Rye. The pastry chef moved to the United States from Guyana when he was 17 years old to attend New York Restaurant School. Bristol-Joseph received StarChefs’ Rising Star Award in 2017 and was selected as one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs 2020.